How to generate sales leads for your business? - Thomas Forgione

How to generate sales leads for your business?

Your website needs to capture sales leads.

How to generate sales leads for your business? - More Leads Equals More SalesMany companies use their website as a digital brochure whereby visitors come to it and learn about the company. That’s NOT a great way to capture leads. Let’s say your current website attracts only 100 quality visitors a day and by quality I mean visitors who did not get there by accident. They did a search for a specific topic, found your link and went to your website in hopes of finding something that can help them.

Now let’s assume that you have a close ratio of 20%. (A close can be either actually selling something on your website or you might consider a close if they called you or used your contact form.) A 20% close ratio is great BUT that means you are LOSING 80% of your traffic! Eighty percent are leaving your website and worse yet you have no clue who they are!

How do you capture the contact information of some of the eighty percent that leave your site?

It’s simple. You create information and or offers to give to people who actually want what you are selling in exchange for their email and name. Then whether they buy from you immediately of not you re-market to them over and over again.

Now if they use the offer and buy your product or service then it’s an immediate win for you. But don’t stop there. You must then re-market to them over and over and sell them more of whatever you sell.

But let’s say they only either download the information or the offer and do not make a purchase right away. You do the exact same thing. You re-market to them over and over again. It’s a win/win. You get a qualified lead, they get great value and also have the ability to unsubscribe from your marketing if they wish.

So how do you get qualified visitors to your website and capture their information?

In over 20 years of helping my clients and students achieve their marketing goals I have found it’s always best for them to see the actual marketing process first hand. So I thought why not let you see how powerful this process is by actually participating in it. I have created a program called The Lead Capture Matrix™ it is a free program that will train you how to do everything I described above.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The training will teach you how to get this done. It’s a high quality training. But it’s important for you to know that I will, from time to time, send you email about my services with the hopes that some of you will buy. That’s it. And as always you will be able to unsubscribe.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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PLEASE NOTE: From the time you click on the above link and go to the page to learn more you will start the exact process your clients/customers will experience.